Our privileged location: La Pipa, Somió, Gijón.

This article was originally published on 2nd October 2020

365 days of growth at Bedrock

Yesterday, 1st October, I celebrated my work anniversary: One entire year of growth, both personally and professionally. I felt that I had to share what my journey looked like because many are, or will be, in my shoes.

In 2008 I started my bachelor at Universidad de Oviedo and in 2013 I graduated with an MSc in Aerospace Mechanical Engineering at The University of Nottingham. Soon after, I started to work in IT for DXC ( formerly CSC) in London.

Neither my academic background in engineering nor my experience as an IT project manager gives a clue about how I ended up leading a data science business these days.

After a few years of enjoying sunny days and tasty food in the UK, I came back to Spain. Landed and joined Sweetspot! And this is where I first got to learn about Data Science and analytics from black-belts in the discipline such as Sergio Maldonado and Alfredo Mezquita. Then, we all took different paths, mine leading to Bedrock. Carrying a backpack full of learnings from this past adventure I had Alex Lawton reaching out. He held a motivating intent to start building an all-star team and a clear vision of bringing Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (AI) closer to people and organisations. I had to jump aboard.

Although the legal entity was registered in Barcelona in July 2019, our first project took off 2 months later at our La Pipa headquarters. It has been a rollercoaster since then, we have become a dozen in 12 months and we have worked with many renowned organisations. During the last few weeks, I have realised that our growth is inherently linked to building scientific credibility and excellence in delivering according to expectations. The team has been able to do so because we have consistently nurtured innovation and a design-thinking mindset that also exists at the core of our working methodology. In the consulting field, regardless of the business practice, building up your reputation is important, but it is even more critical when your field of action is complex and highly technical such as Predictive Analytics or AI.

So the professional takeaway that I am obliged to share is: Being known for your credibility in this market niche comes down excellence in delivering real value. The return from investing in, for instance, machine learning, must be easy to measure and we have always committed to making our impact tangible.

However, if I have to choose personal learning overall, it all comes down to enjoying the journey because the shiny achievements will only be a deterministic consequence.



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Jesus Templado

Jesus Templado

Leading a data science business that is committed to bringing AI & Predictive Analytics closer to people and businesses. Passionate about watches and sea sports